“Hellen gave me so much confidence to go into the exam and feel that I knew what to do and how to answer the questions. Her teaching was constructive and enjoyable. I felt at ease in her company and she really knew what she was doing! I would really recomend her to anyone who wants help in any of their science studies as her knowlegde is amazing and her suport in valuable.”     Ellie, GCSE triple Science

“Hellen helped me achieve an A-Level C (from an AS-Level E). She was very supportive and patient with me and very good at explaining concepts.”   Harry, A Level Chemistry

“Your help for my GCSE’s was invaluable. You have a unique ability to make the complicated understandable. I have looked forward to every session as I knew that whatever I was struggling with, you would always be able to help me. What an amazing gift you have. My love for Biology and Chemistry was only strengthened by your enthusiasm for these subjects and guess what? I got an A* in both! Yippee! And as for Physics, which made no sense until you sorted me out and explained the complicated, I got an A* as well! Big smiles all round! Without your guidance and teaching I couldn’t have achieved these grades. I am and will be forever grateful to you.”  Charlotte, GCSE triple Science

“Thanks very much for all your help to Impie again .You will be very pleased to hear that her results were excellent,in fact I understand just short of a First overall. It is a huge boost to her confidence. She does get very stressed before exams and it was a great consolation to her to be able to go over things with you. I don’t think she has ever had any other teacher in whom she has so much confidence.” Parent of a First Year Medical Student (Online).

“Alethea managed to get A* for Chem.  Thank you for your contribution to her results.” Parent of an IGCSE student (Online).

“She is much much happier and confident where biology is concerned and that’s down to you, thank you so much. 🙂 oh, and apparently you are excellent! … massively helpful, she said you are really passionate and its good to learn from passionate people :)” Parent of GCSE Biology Student.

“Lucy got a B for chemistry (thanks to you!) and A for her biology, we are all delighted. Thank you so much.” Parent of AS Chemistry and Biology Student.